Bridal Ring Cushions

 Handmade in beautiful materials with care and attention to detail

 All our ring cushions are individually made, each one is unique and carefully made from top quality materials. We have a selection of ready made bridal ring cushions to compliment most bridal gowns, including elegant structured ring cushions, beaded lace ring cushions, silk and satin ring cushions and tartan ring cushions or ring cushions with tartan trim.

Bridal Ring Cushion with Black Watch Scottish Tartan trim
Above - Ring cushion with Black Watch Scottish Tartan and heart trim. approx 21x14cm  £15
Below - Ring cushion with Dress Stewart Scottish Tartan trim - approx 21x14cm  £15
Bridal Ring cushion with Dress Stewart Scottish tartan trim


 Why do I need a Ring Cushion?

Apart from it being a lovely detail in the overall planning of your wedding and a romantic keepsake to remind you of your wonderful day, a ring cushion does have practical applications. The wedding rings (one or two) are tied to the cushion with ribbons, keeping them secure, visible and less likely to be mislaid. At the altar there will be no fumbling by a nervous Best Man - the rings are there and easy to release at the right moment. You can even have one blue ribbon and one white to tie the rings on so it's easy to see at a glance which is his and which is hers. Even a little bit of blue on your ring cushion counts as your 'something blue'.

What sort of Ring Cushion should I choose?

A ring cushion can be a great way to co-ordinate the bride's outfit and her bridesmaids or flower girls, or a very romantic way to co-ordinate the bride's and groom's outfits. A tartan or tartan-trimmed ring cushion is especially effective if he groom is wearing a kilt. At Bridal Creativity we have ring cushions trimmed with different tartans but if we don't have yours we'll get it for you.

How Much do Ring Cushions Cost ?

Individual handmade ring cushions from Bridal Creativity start from as little as £15 and custom made ring cushions using your own tartan or matching your dress with personalised details, such as your initials in pearls and sequins or crystals are from £25 to £45.




Ivory Silk Dupion Ring cushion with two pearl and embroidered heart motifs, ribbons and bows. 18x22cm Romantic and feminine.

 Above - A Romantic ring cushion made from ivory pure silk dupion and decorated with two beaded embroidered hearts and hand-beaded drops at each corner. approx 21x17cm £30

Below - A Romantic white ring cushion with two beaded lace hearts and hand-beaded drops at each corner approx 21x15cm £25

Two beaded lace hearts with dainty flowers and white ribbons on this charming romantic white ring cushion. From a selection of ready made ring cushions - or have a ring cushion custom made.

 Below - Ring Cushion with MacKenzie Scottish Tartan and heart trim blue and white ribbons approx 25x16cm £17.50

Bridal ring cushion with MacKenzie scottish tartan trim