Wedding Dresses designed & Made to Measure

by Bridal Creativity of Elgin, Moray

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Here in the Moray area of Scotland we are blessed with a good climate and hopefully your Wedding Day will dawn fine and bright. Whatever the season and whatever the style of wedding you choose, Bridal Creativity can design a wedding gown that will be not only suitable but stunning, with some creative ideas for taking you down the aisle in regal style and then still be able to party through to the small hours looking and feeling fabulous.
A wedding dress design by Bridal Creativity of Elgin, Moray
This bridal gown designed & made by Bridal Creativity of Elgin, Moray
                         From the drawing board  ....                                                                                                 ... to the church.
A beaded lace bolero is worn over a full skirted silk dupion dress with beaded lace bodice and hand beaded decoration on the skirt . Silk rosebuds at the back and a train with lace and beaded heart shaped motifs and the bridal couple's initials delicately embroidered in tiny beads and sequins.

1920s style wedding dress in coffee and cream for a second time bride by Bridal Creativity of Elgin, Moray
A 1920s style in coffee and cream with
dropped waist and asymmetrical hemline
for a second-time bride. With a beaded
sash and hand decorated neckline, this 
was a bridal dress but also wearable later
for a variety of dressy occasions.

Sleeves are back in fashion in bridal wear, this example by Bridal Creativity of Elgin, Moray
Sleeves are back in fashion for wedding dresses. Great news if you want to cover up, but can also be a wonderful design feature

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Design & Made to Measure Bridal Wear

by Bridal Creativity

11, Jock Glass Courtyard, Elgin, Moray


tel: 01343 319509

Your Wedding is one of the most important and memorable occasions in your life and the photographs of your big day will be there to look back on for the rest of your life. As the Bride, you will be the centre of attention on your Wedding Day and you deserve to look and feel at your absolute best in the bridal gown of your dreams.  What will be the most important feature of nearly all the photographs? The Wedding Dress. What's the first question people ask when you've been to a wedding? What was her wedding dress like?Your Wedding Dress is the single most important dress you will ever buy and could be your only opportunity to enjoy the luxury of wearing something specially made for you, in a style that suits your personality and fits to perfection, enhancing your best features & minimising the ones you don't like.

There are many details to consider in the planning of a wedding, not least the venues for the  ceremony and the reception and these are likely to influence you in the style of bridal gown you choose, but nearly every girl grows up with an idea of  the kind of wedding dress she would like. At Bridal Creativity you can have the bridal dress of your dreams.

Every client receives personal attention throughout, whether it's the creation of a designer original or an alteration to a vintage dress, family heirloom or internet purchase. 

Choosing Your Wedding Dress

When choosing your wedding dress there are several factors to take into consideration:

First - What is your dream wedding dress. If you've always had a dream, now's the time to realise it. This is your day so make the most of it.

Second - Your size and figure type. We all have bits we'd like to hide and other parts we quite like. The same as any other garment you buy, the style of your wedding dress should be chosen to enhance your good points and minimise the not so good.

Third - Time of year - climate. Choose a style and fabric that will keep you comfortable throughout.

Place - Cathedral, Registry Office, Scottish Castle, Beach in Bali. Choose a style that will be suitable for the type of wedding you're planning. A white bikini with a white sarong and a garland of flowers round your neck might look great for a beach wedding but a formal ceremony in the Cathedral requires a different look!

Reception - Where, How big, How formal?

Budget - how much do you want to spend on your wedding dress? 

Having Your Wedding Dress Made to Measure

To have your wedding dress designed and made for you is the ultimate luxury and it costs less than you might think. You will stay comfortable and relaxed in a bridal gown that fits to perfection in a style to suit your personality and in a fabric that will keep you feeling fresh and comfortable from early morning til the last dance at your reception - probably in the early hours of the next morning!

You may have tried on many wedding dresses (in fact you should try on as many as possible to get an idea of what suits you) and found that you'd like to combine features from two or more different dresses. Or maybe you know what you want but can't find it, or you'd like a different material. Maybe you'd like a wedding dress that is a bridal gown on the day but can easily be converted to a ball dress to wear again. Maybe you can't find anything to fit (you might be surprised to hear you're not alone) or you might simply want to have a professional designer create your own personal unique design to suit your figure and your personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does having my Wedding Dress made involve?

A. We start by designing the dress. We sketch different ideas until we have a drawing of the dress you want. Together we choose the fabric we want to use. We measure you carefully and draft a pattern from your measurements. We then make a 'toile', which is a mock-up of your wedding dress in a basic workroom fabric. The toile is used to make amendments and alterations until we're both happy with the style and fit.

Once we're satisfied with the toile, a working pattern is made from it and we're ready to start on the actual wedding dress. You should allow for at least 3 fittings. Most brides enjoy being part of the creative process & coming along for fittings at various stages to watch the progress, and we encourage this, for two reasons:-

1. The planning and preparation of your wedding is exciting and what could be better than being involved in the creation of your wedding dress and watching it take shape. There are no worries such as 'will my dress arrive in time?' 'what if it doesn't fit?'

2. The more fittings you have the more tiny refinements can be made & therefore the better the fit but also - very importantly - on the day you will be used to the dress and well-rehearsed in how to sit and walk in it, how to manage the train and the volume of a full skirt for example.

Q. What do I need to bring with me?

A. It is essential to bring the underwear and shoes you will be wearing on the day for all sessions as the shape of the dress will be affected by the shape of your underwear and the length is affected by the heel height of your shoes. You might choose a design with a basque style bodice to be worn without a bra, but you must wear a bra or basque that gives you the shape you want, for your fitting sessions.

Q. All this personal service sounds expensive. How much will it cost?

A. Less than you might think. It depends very much on the complexity of the design, the type and quantity of fabric (silk and lace cost more than polyester obviously) and the amount of hand beading and decoration but as a rough guide prices start at less than 1000.

The best thing is to come with a budget figure and a rough idea of the style you would like and together we can work out some designs to suit your budget.

The designs remain our copyright, there's no charge for the first consultation stages & you're welcome to bring trusted advisors with you to help you decide. But, a word of warning here, make sure your advisors share your taste.

Once we've given you a fixed quote you can decide if you want to go ahead and a deposit of 25% will secure your dates and we can proceed to make a toile. There will be further stage payment as work progresses and the final payment on completion.

Q. How long does it take to make?

A. Between 3 and 6 months is normal, though again it depends on the intricacy of the design and also on your availabilty for fittings. Most brides are planning a year or more in advance, so time is not of concern, but a wedding dress can be made in a few weeks if there is urgency eg if you've been let down or something has happened to a dress you had ordered (though don't forget we can alter or rescue a dress you've already got)

Q. Can you do Bridesmaid and Mother of the Bride dresses?

A. Yes, with pleasure: and we bring the same care and attention to detail as we do to the bride's dress.

Our main concern is to give you, the Bride, a bridal gown you will love. We will guide and advise you but never pressure or rush you. Ultimately we want the creation of your wedding dress to be an enjoyable anticipation of your big day and the wearing of it on the day to be an absolute joy.


We hope you'll find our website interesting and informative whether you're a Bride or Mother of the Bride, whether you're looking for a designer to design and make a special wedding dress or whether you're looking for a specialist to alter a bridal gown you already own. As you browse our pages hopefully you'll also get some useful tips and a few other useful contacts to help you in organising your big day.

While it's true that your Wedding Dress is the first priority there are lots of other exciting areas to plan. Have a look at the page entitled Wedding Planning for a tick list and the page on Useful Contacts might be helpful.

We don't want the men to feel left out! Our service includes making waistcoats, cummerbunds & bow ties & alterations too, for all the men in your life, The Groom, Bride's Father & Pageboys.
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Now here in Elgin, Moray, Scotland

Bridal Creativity, part of Jarva Couture, was established in 1993 by fashion designer Andrea Peers, offering a bespoke service in Bridal & Special Occasion wear for discerning ladies.

Now Bridal Creativity is here in Elgin, Moray and serving the Grampian region, bringing creative solutions to wedding dress problems and creative ideas for unique wedding dress designs.

Every client receives personal attention throughout, from a professional designer, whether it's the creation of a designer original bridal gown or an alteration to a vintage wedding dress, family heirloom or internet purchase.

Here to help make your Wedding Day perfect in the Wedding Dress of your dreams, whether it's  the creation of a bespoke Bridal Gown or bringing a creative solution to  your fitting problem with a professional Wedding Dress Alteration

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How lucky you are if you live in the Grampian region of Scotland and are getting married in the Moray area. What better place could you be for your wedding, surrounded as you are by beautiful scenery and with a choice of lovely venues for your special day

Bridal Creativity is based in Elgin, a lively market town on the river Lossie in Moray. Elgin town grew in importance during the 13th century & still has its medieval street plan, with a busy main street opening onto Elgin's coobled marketplace.In 1224 King David I raised the status of Elgin to Royal Burgh & this period also sawthe development of Elgin Cathedral (and Elgin Castle). For 500 years Spynie Palce near Elgin, was the fortified seat of the Bishops of Moray. To the southwest of Elgin is Pluscarden Abbey, now home to Benedictine monks. Elgin is in the heart of Speyside in Moray whichhas the greatest concentration of malt whisky distilleries in Scotland. No visit to Elgin is complete without at least one visit to a distillery on the famous Whisky Trail.

About Moray (Morayshire)

Moray's favourable climate is a well kept secret.The sheltered Moray Firth has a dry, sunny & relatively mild climate. What Moray lacks in rugged scenery it makes up for in wooded river walks, sandy bays, cliffs and coves. Moray's gentle climate is why Moray has a thriving agricultural & food industry. In Scotland you are never far from a castle and Moray is no exception. Elgin is a lively market town on the river Lossie in Moray. For 500 years Spynie Palce  was the fortified seat of the Bishops of Moray. Speyside in Moray has the greatest concentration of malt whisky distilleries in Scotland. No visit to Moray is complete without at least one visit to a distillery on the famous Whisky Trail.